When you travel down the spice isle at the grocery store, there's a good chance you'll be standing there for quite some time to figure out what exactly you're looking for. You have spices that are best on pork and some that are best for chicken, but rarely do you find the perfect spice for everything.

Jason and Jared are the brains behind JJ's Seasoning based out of Wheatland, WY. When they started their journey, the goal was to find the spice that could be used on everything. Enter JJ's Sweet Rub.

After months of trial and error the two tradesmen took their creation to a local restaurant in Wheatland to have them give it a whirl. The restaurant started using JJ's Sweet Rub on some of their entrees and it was an instant hit. The only complaint some people had was that they would like a little more heat, so they added a few more spices to give the Sweet Rub a little extra heat and released JJ's Sweet Heat.

Once they were reassured the spice was ready to go, they took it to a couple of locations in Wheatland to be sold. Wheatland Ace Hardware and Interstate Gas Conoco Food Market. Now they've expanded their locations to Wyoming businesses like Rocky Mountain Discount Sports, Ace Hardware of Laramie, Grassland's Market in Douglas and in locations in Nebraska and Washington.

Their seasonings are also available on their website. Since both Jason and Jared are both tradesmen, they're in the process of setting up a scholarship fund for trade school students.

Co-founder Jason Halverson was a guest on Wyoming Hookin' & Huntin' Outdoors recently. You can hear the episode here.

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