I've discovered one of the most retro Wyoming things I've ever seen. It's a vintage 1957 Wyoming tourism video and it is a reminder of a much simpler time.

Travel Wyoming just shared this video that was used 63 years ago to promote tourism.

According to their description, this was shared with them by the narrator's family after he passed away.

Vintage Wyoming Tourism Video from 1957 given to the Wyoming Office of Tourism by a family member of the narrator of the video after his passing.

One of the things about this 1957 video that struck me was the complete lack of congestion. Sure, there were plenty of cars in the parking lot near Old Faithful (just like today), but most of their stops were somewhat solitary. The view of the waterfall in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone showed a time before there was a way for visitors to access the area right near the falls.

So many parts of the video look like an oil painting of what Wyoming used to be. Sigh.

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