By just reading the title of this article, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what show was the top television franchise of 2021. Given its ties to western culture, proximity, and of course, the Wyoming 'train station' that exists on this particular show, this show is as popular as it could be in our region of the country and throughout the Cowboy State in general. There's only so much you can say to tease it, but yes, we're talking about 'Yellowstone'.

In both physical and digital media, the series brought in over $100 million in 2021. It's also continuing to flourish in 2022. According to Collider, the Season 4 Blu-ray sales hit the highest during its first week for any TV series since 'Game Of Thrones' did it back in 2019.

In case you are new to 'Yellowstone', the show is created by Taylor Sheridan and has a stellar cast with Kevin Costner at the forefront. He plays John Dutton. His family controls the largest contiguous cattle ranch in the country, in Montana, which leads to many people wanting to take away from his enormous amount of land and very successful business. It's probably the best active show on TV right now.

That being said, a fifth season of 'Yellowstone' is expected later this year and the Season 4 finale broke cable TV records as it brought in over 15 million viewers. The show has also spawned not just one, but two prequel spinoffs, '1883', which starred Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill, while the other spinoff '1932' was recently announced to be in production from Paramount.

The first three seasons of 'Yellowstone' are currently streaming on Peacock and Season 4 of the series will be available for streaming on the Peacock app on March 28th.

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