Who's ready to get their float on?

If you have never floated a river before, it's pretty fun and relaxing. All you need to do is grab an innertube, some good friends and pack up a cooler. Oh, and don't forget the sunscreen. Nothing puts a damper on the who river floating experience than a burnt-to-a-crisp bod. I also recommend you wear some good water shoes.

Once you get to the river, just tie everyone's innertube to one another and use an extra tube for your cooler. And don't forget to bring a trash bag for empty cans and whatnot. #LeaveNoTrace. Then just get in the water, get everyone on their tubes and float on.

I feel more relaxed just thinking about it.

Only in Your State featured one of own rivers as a great place to float this summer. The North Platte River flows through Carbon County. It actually makes a giant horseshoe across our gorgeous state. This shape creates the perfect floating current.

If you're super serious about summer floating, there are several places you can road trip to in Colorado. Recently, Out There Colorado compiled a list of the five best places to go tubing while visiting our neighbors to the south. One is just across the boarder in Fort Collins.

Here's what they chose:

1. Clear Creek in Golden
2. Yampa River in Steamboat Springs
3. San Juan River in Pagosa Springs
4. Poudre River in Fort Collins
5. South Platte River in Denver

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