Walmart has fired 500 robots. Bet you never thought you'd read that headline in your lifetime. You might have seen that plot in a science fiction movie, but...

The robots were tasked with the simple job of rolling up and down the aisles scanning for what is no longer on the shelves and ordering more. Walmart found that people do the job better, and cheaper. The company that made the robots is Bossa Nova Co. Remember that name. I'm sure it will come back to haunt us when the robots rebel.

So, what are these robots to do now? Will you see one or two of them in front of you at the unemployment line? Will we find homeless robots on the streets with a 'will work for electricity' sign?

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Are you aware that Mars is now entirely populated by robots? One of them can fly. I see a future war with Mars. Earth will be attacked by ROBOTS!

The European Union is now passing laws dealing with what they see as the dangers of Artificial Intelligence.

Mexican drug cartels are now using drones to drop bombs.

Around the world, militaries are now creating battle drones for war both in the sky and on the ground. 

Sex Bots. And it is NOT consensual.

We even put robots in cage matches where they must fight to the death. There are live audiences and it is televised.

We've all seen this movie and it never ends well. OH, SURE it's just 500 robots fired from Walmart now. but we can all see where this is going. Yet, we keep going there.

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