It's always fun to explore a town you've never been to before.

But do you really know what to look for?

Just driving through and eating at a local restaurant is not really getting a feel for the town.

Buffalo, Wyoming is one of the most charming towns in the state.

It's also rich with Western history.

So, when you visit Buffalo (aside from exploring their cute downtown area) what would you do?

The video below has 13 great ideas.

There's fishing, hunting, and camping of course- it's Wyoming after all.

One of the biggest buildings in downtown Buffalo is a museum that shows the rich and complicated history of one of Wyoming's most important towns. The little town of Buffalo helped shape the West.

Go visit the local sheep ranches and learn about the area's rich wool industry.

Buffalo has one of the most beautiful golf courses in Wyoming.

The historic Occidental Hotel is a must-visit.

Ernest Hemingway wrote part of A Farwell To Arms at the Occidental.

Calamity Jane, Butch Cassidy & Sundance, and Teddy Rosevelt are just a few of the people who stayed there.

OH YEAH- and it's HAUNTED!

Local musical talent like the Prairie Wildfire Band plays at The Occidental on occasion.

Find out why this is the setting for the famous Longmire novels and TV show.

Longmire Days is an annual celebration of the book and TV series.

Buffalo, Wyoming, is a small town located in the northeastern state, known for its rich history and outdoor recreational opportunities.

Visitors can expect various things to do in Buffalo, WY, such as hiking, fishing, and hunting in the nearby mountains and forests.

The town also features several historical sites, including the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum, which showcases the area’s history and culture. The downtown area offers a variety of shops and restaurants, as well as a farmers market during the summer months.

Overall, Buffalo is a great destination for those looking for a mix of outdoor adventure and small-town charm. (Tripolut).

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