One of Wyoming's most famous, infamous, interesting, historic and beautiful old hotels is the Occidental Hotel in Buffalo Wyoming.

Ever wonder what it looks like inside?

You can now get a full tour by watching the Prairie Wildfire Band's latest music video, which they shot all over the Occidental.

What a perfect backdrop this is.

The girls are from Buffalo Wyoming, and they can often be found playing their to local fans and tourists during music nights, in the old Occidental's Saloon.  

So it's not like these girls didn't know their way around this old place when shooting their new video, which you can watch below.

Heart You Couldn't Hold is an original from Tessa Taylor and David Stewart. The lyrics of this song reminisce about the past while also showing the struggles of the present in the wake of an ended relationship and a broken heart.

Tessa, who is the lead singer in this song, gives us a surprise ending to this video that might make you laugh.

Their music is a fusion of folk, bluegrass, classic country, and Wyoming-style western.

Sage on mandolin, guitar, and banjo, and Morgan on upright bass. Watch them in concert and you'll see they all play multiple instruments.

The video they released before this they had also shot in their home region. In that video, you can see the Bighorn Mountains in the background.

Whatcha Gonna Do with A Cowboy was written by Garth Brooks and Mark D. Sanders and recorded by Wyoming rodeo cowboy and singer Chris LeDoux, offers an amusing perspective on cowboy culture. We’re LeDoux fans, we know plenty of cowboys, and we sure have fun singing this song.

During the past few years the band has been featured in bluegrass publications and their music has climbed the Nashville charts.

You can explore their latest album WHATCHA GONNA DO WITH A COWBOY at the Prairie Wildfire Band website. 

When you click on their website link, notice the background of their cover photo. That's the old saloon at the Occidental.

Cheyenne Radio Studios Get Makeover

There are 5 radios stations located in downtown Cheyenne Wyoming. All are owned by Townsquare Meadia.

Technology has changed, and the offices needed a facelift, too.

Lets take a look as the old studios and offices are gutted and the new is built.

My name is Glenn Woods.

News Talk KGAB AM650 is one of the stations in Wyoming that carries my show, Wake Up Wyoming.

I was in town for an event and had to broadcast from the KGAB studios one Friday morning.

Here is what it looked like.

Old Medicine Of The Chugwater Wyoming Drugstore

If you visit the tiny town of Chugwater Wyoming you'll find the newly restored Soda Fountain.

In fact it's Wyoming's oldest soda fountain and malt shot.

It's always worth stopping in for breakfast or lunch, or maybe a shake or malt.

The place was a drug store and soda fountain for the longest time.

Back then soda was actually used to cure an upset stomach.

So what sort of old medicines were left behind by Chugwater's last pharmacist?

It turns out, some of them are on display.

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