Murder Hornets and the return of the Killer Bees sounded bad, but they kinda bombed.

So what does 2020 have to throw at us next? You can see these worms for yourself in the video, above.

University at Buffalo earthworm expert (yes, there is such a job) Nick Henshue says Amynthas, invasive “jumping” earthworms with destructive potential, are appearing in the western New York area.

I'm curious, are the New York rats going to eat the worms, or do these worms eat rats?

These worms sound like normal worms, at first.  They live in the top few inches of soil They can grow to about the length of a pencil. So far so good. All sounds normal. They eat fallen leaves that experts say play a vital role in forest ecosystems.

But like in a science fiction horror movie, these invasive earthworms may have been transported to the area in contaminated mulch.

So, what now? Giant mutant jumping earth worms?

Henshue explains, “In agricultural systems, earthworms can be great, but in forests in our area, these jumping worms reduce leaf litter, which is really a protective layer that we rely on to protect and hide seeds and keep the sun off newly germinating plants,”

Okay, not so bad. I was thinking this would turn out like some Stephen King movie.

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