The big beast is not sure what to make of it at first. He pokes at the springy thing and even steps on it a few times. Then he buts it with his horns before he finally gets the idea:


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Watch as he plays in the video below.

You'll hear the homeowners laughing as the buffalo plays. Sure they might be losing a trampoline, but how often does anyone get to see something like this?

I bet trampolines are a universal thing. I imagine Bigfoot would quickly figure out what to do with it. I bet space aliens would be bouncing on one in no time if they came across a backyard trampoline while abducting someone from their bedroom. I imagine a mama bear and her cubs would react the same way.

There are plenty of videos of dogs jumping on Trampolines, so why not? This link will take you to a compilation video of dogs having a great time BOUNCING! Also pigs and goats.

This makes me want to take every kind of animal there is and toss it on a trampoline just to see what it would do.

Since the buffalo is too heavy to really bounce on it he settles for bobbing his head on it. Whatever dude. Just have a good time.

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