Famed astrophysicist and combat veteran, Dr. Anthonio Paris has been sharing some pretty original photos from his recent trip to Devils Tower.

Dr. Paris shared a hilarious photo to his official Twitter account of a little green passenger in his vehicle, with a beautiful view of the country's first national monument in the background.

Dr. Paris shared a couple of other photos on his Wyoming journey to Devils Tower including this one:

And this one:

The first two photos are obvious allusions the classic 1977 science fiction film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The other is just a beautiful morning shot of the monument.

According to his profile on Mars-One.com:

Dr. Antonio Paris is the Chief Scientist at the Center for Planetary Science and a Professor of Astronomy at St. Petersburg College, FL. Additionally, he is the Director for Space Programs at the Museum of Science and Industry. He is a professional member of the Washington Academy of Sciences and the American Astronomical Society.

Dr. Paris is a graduate of NASA’s Mars Education Program at the Mars Space Flight Center, Arizona State University.

We're honored that Dr. Paris has chronicled his Wyoming trip and we hope he plans to share many more photos during his stay.

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