Some of you might remember Congressman Barney Frank. He is the poster boy for flamboyant Liberal Democrat. His political career was wrought with scandal.

He served as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Massachusetts from 1981 to 2013.

Recently former Congressman Frank had a little advice to offer Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney:

"A general election between two conservatives who differ mainly on the importance of electoral integrity, on the other hand, would offer what social scientists call a natural experiment: a situation in which reality approximates what we would create in a laboratory if we could isolate a particular factor."

"I might be overly optimistic in thinking that this could produce a positive result for political sanity. Wyoming is the state that gave Trump his largest percentage in 2020, and I have seen no poll on the electoral-integrity question of Wyoming voters."

"But if pro-democracy conservatives are given the chance to support a candidate with whom they agree ideologically, and if Democrats and independents in the state are able to cast their ballots solely on their assessment of Trump’s response to the election regardless of their views on every other policy question, the outcome will be a better indicator of public opinion than any Republican primary or a partisan general election. And given the national interest, this will generate, both sides will have more than enough money and media coverage to make their cases."

Barney Frank is in no way a Liz Cheney supporter. 

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Democrats don't like Liz Cheney, she is about the most conservative member of The House.

So, why push for this? It's more about getting rid of Trump than supporting Liz in the mind of Barney Frank. He has a WEIRD strategy that won't work.

Frank explains:

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"That means Democrats should take what might be an unpalatable course: In states and districts where the party stands little chance of winning in the general election, Democrats should endorse and enthusiastically support anti-Trump Republicans who run as independents. Because what’s really on the ballot isn’t one party or another, it’s democracy itself…"

"This strategy should also be evaluated for House races. A coalition of Democrats and the center-right should first target members of Congress who narrowly won election in red districts and are among the most virulent in perpetuating the election fraud myths…"

"Is this a strategy that will eradicate Trumpism? No. But it is a strategic, targeted push against the worst perpetrators of the election lies and would create new incentives for others in the GOP. And these newly elected, nominal independents would likely caucus with Democrats and might even make the difference in deciding which party controls Capitol Hill."

Like every other idea, the former congressman has ever had this one is WAY too out there, too complicated, and too convoluted.

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