Shutting down the Keystone XL has also caused massive job layoffs.

Democrats are calling on President Biden to declare a "Climate Emergency" so he can take drastic action to "save the planet" without having to consult congress.

We are about to see a surge in unemployment and energy prices. 

Fighting this will take more than a few politicians issuing press releases stating their objections. To prevent a massive economic depression the states will need to act.

The good news is that a few states like Texas have already stepped up and filed lawsuits against the administrations. Having these suits in court holds up action on any executive orders.

Lets not forget that a $15 an hour minimum wage has been a proven job killer. That is something else that must be stopped.

More good news: most of these executive orders are illegal anyway. States do not have to comply. That does not negate the need to fight these orders at the state level.

A president does not have, and should never have, the power to simply write an order that we all must comply with. That being said he does have some power with that pen.

For a short while, America had the strongest economy it has seen in over 50 years. This was accomplished through the previous president's efforts to get government out of the way and we experienced a boom. We had even become, for the first time in generations, energy independent.

But shutting down the economy due to Covid-19 and the next president further shutting it down we run the risk of, not just a recession, but another great depression. 

This can be stopped, but it will take states working together, hard, to push back against what one man and his pen are trying to do.



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