The year was 1979. We had become used to shows like The Six Million Dollar Man.

The TV show "In Search Of", hosted by Leonard Nimoy, was runny grainy videos of what was supposed to be Bigfoot.

Since Bigfoot was a hot topic then, why not combine him with a show that was a cross between The Six Million Dollar Man and Tarzan?

Sounds bad, doesn't it?

Well, it gets worse.

Bigfoot finds a young boy lost in the vast wilderness of the Northwestern United States.

Bigfoot raises the boy who becomes known as Wildboy.

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Eight years later they fight crime and aliens (yes, you read that right. Aliens!) who show up around their forest home.

Bigfoot and Wildboy was a live-action children's television series on ABC.

YEAH! It was just as bad as the name sounds.

It began in 1977 as a part of The Krofft Supershow on Saturday mornings.

Each episode was 15 minutes long, with cliffhanger endings resolved the following week.

It became its own series in 1979 with twelve 30-minute episodes.

There were a total of 28 episodes produced. (Wikipedia).

REALLY? How the heck did this thing last 28 episodes?

Good thing they never renewed it for a second season.

The video below is the opening to the show that explains what the premise is.

The series was heavily influenced by the two-part Bigfoot episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man, from the super-powered Bigfoot character to "bionic" sound effects used for Bigfoot running and leaping and the use of slow motion photography for action scenes such as throwing a giant object or uprooting a large metal fence post. (Wikipedia).

So, how bad was one episode?

Well, if you love REALLY BAD then you'll love the video below.

Here is a YouTube page dedicated to bad Saturday morning TV shows.

If you're of that age you might want to go back and rewatch the trash that rotted out young brains back then.

Here is a full episode of Bigfoot & Wild Boy.

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