"Tensleep Sasquatch." 

That's the headline that appeared on the R.M.S.O. site. (Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Origination).

For those who may not know Wyoming all that well, Tensleep is a town on the southwestern side of the Bighorn Mountains.

The story on the R.M.S.O. site is told from the perspective of someone who grew up in the area hunting and fishing.

He remembers a time when, as a young man, he experienced something that went bump in the night.

One night something very strange happened, more strange than other times. It was just me and my Dad, I was about 12 years old. Around 9 to 10pm, it got quiet, eerie feeling. I remember my Dad grabbing his revolver and told me to get into our Suburban. He put out the fire, grabbed whatever camp gear we had and we drove all the way home to Gillette that night. I asked him later what happened that night. All he would say was that he knew he couldn’t protect me and we had to leave.


That was not his only experience as a boy.

And after a couple of episodes like this, his father decided not to go camping in the area again.

We never camped up by the tree line again. Many times we drove home from Buffalo to Gillette and my sister and I thought we saw giants standing on the hillside along the road. She’d tell me they were ghosts and I’d hide. I don’t know if it was Sasquatch but I know we’d see it around the same place every time.

Does Bigfoot walk the Bighorn Mountains?

There are very few reports of the big guy in Wyoming at all.

But not zero.

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