All this time we've been doing it all wrong.

We keep putting signs up threatening to fine people if they step off the boardwalk.

Signs threaten fines for feeding wildlife. For harassing animals. For littering.

Obviously, NOBODY cares about the threat of a fine.

Drive down any interstate and look at the highway signs that threaten a $250 fine for littering. You'll see litter around those signs.

People will risk a fine when they calculate the odds of being caught.

But NOBODY wants to pay A FEE!

With the help of the listeners to Wyoming's morning talk show (Wake Up Wyoming) we've come up with something that just might stop most tourons from breaking these rules.

Forget the fines. We will charge FEES instead.


Want to pet a fluffy cow? FINE!

But it's expensive.

Pay upfront for the "Pet A Fluffy Cow" package.

You have to sign the waiver agreeing that all expenses for emergency extraction, including EMT and Life Flight, are on you.

Want to walk out through the acid water, burning your feet, and stick your face down a hot geyser? That will be $4000 please, upfront.

The waiver states that we are not responsible for what happens to your feet, or your face.

Tired of hiking on marked trails? Well for just $2000 you can walk anywhere you want. You might want to read the fine print on that one. It says that, no matter how long you're gone, nobody is looking for you.

This has got to be the best reverse psychology idea EVER!

We believe that most of these outrageous fees will deter the majority of idiots from becoming YouTube stars for all the wrong reasons.

But you know there will be a few who will SLAP down that money to get a selfie with a grizzly bear.

The fine print on the waiver allows everyone to use the video of what will happen next in any way they want.

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