Okay, this might be the weirdest thing I have ever seen.

Okay maybe not the weirdest, but pretty high up on the list.

Said the man who had never been to a state like Wyoming after seeing deer walking through the middle of downtown Rawlins.

The deer were just strolling and nobody in town really seemed to notice, care, or think it was unusual.

Except this tourist.

After seeing the deer he gives a walking tour of downtown Rawlins.

It's a pretty town, and quiet. Maybe a little different than this guy is used to.

He was not sure if the statues of 3 sheep were actually sheep.

It was pretty obvious they were.

You can see the deer at the very begining of the video, below.

I'm not trying to pick on this guy personally.

He seems nice.

But he is clearly out of his element.

He does say that Rawlins has a neat little downtown.

It is a pretty place to walk with quite a few nice restaurants and shops.

Rawlins loves their building murals and they have some impressive ones.

At one point he's not sure what to make of the Rawlins's sense of humor when he sees this sign in a store window.

attachment-Rawlins youtube video

His YouTube page "Someplace Or Another," doesn't have many followers, but it's a good site.

He goes on road trips and takes us on short walking tours.

Nothing really exciting, just an honest look at someplace maybe he, and you, have never been.

In the video below he explores Wyoming's Little American Hotel.

Not the one in Cheyenne but the original Little America, west of Green River.

I included that video below, but don't bother watching it. 

He just walks around the truckstop and never goes into the hotel.

He includes a tour of the Little America convenience store.

Nice guy, but he needs to work on those videos.

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