A meme has been making it's way around the internet claiming that a pronghorn has eyesight that is X10 in magnification. If this is true then, on a clear night, they would be able to see the rings of Saturn.

If you want to see what his would look like, pic up a pair of binoculars that are X10 and you'll see the word as they see it.

Well, heck, if a meme on the internet says it, it must be true. Right? Why fact-check it? Just trust it and swipe on... So, anyway I fact-checked it. 

The best I could find an article that you can read at this link from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

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"Pronghorn rely not only on speed but also keen vision for protection," says the article from FWS "Their eyes, as big as an elephant’s, see the world as you would if using binoculars with 8 power magnification. With eyes set far apart, a pronghorn’s field of view is much wider than you see even with the naked eye."

8x is still very impressive. Still, I went looking to see what else I could find

Here is a list of facts about pronghorn that says "They can detect movement up to 4 miles away." That is impressive but detecting movement is not necessarily translate to clarity. I wanted to know if they can clearly see that far.

This article from the National Wildlife Federation says "Pronghorn have large eyes and fantastic vision. Their large eyes can spot predators from very far away, which is helpful on their flat grassland habitat."

That was helpful but it does not tell us that they can clearly see the rings of Saturn. That does not mean it isn't true either.

I have used a small telescope and binoculars to look at Saturn. Click on this link to see what that looks like at X10. 

At this point I'll go with - they can see objects very far off. It is not known if they can clearly see it. So, I'll buy the ability to see the rings of Saturn as a possibility, but an unknown, at this time.

WATCH THIS VIDEO BELOW as this gentleman sets up his telescope to view Saturn. What he captures is good, but not as big as you might have thought. His cover photo for the video is NOT what he captured.

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