A woman is working around her house and finds that somebody has left a Christmas cookie for her.

It's right by her back door, on the windowsill.

This is not the first time that such a gift has been left.

It's really sweet, but, who's leaving her cookies?

Is there some secret admirer out there?

She decides to review the video captured by her home security cameras to see what sweet person is preforming random acts of kindness.

Here is that video.

Tell us what you think.

Where is he getting these cookies from?

We could guess that this little guy is just leaving food for himself.

Maybe he hopes to go back later and have some dinner.

Or, perhaps he has a crush on this young lady and is leaving her presents.

The second explanation is probably not true, but I'm going with it anyway because it's sweet and makes me feel good.

Here is a house cat that loves to bring its people presents. Mostly toys.

Here is a really odd one.

These are some crows leaving presents for a woman who lives in this San Francisco apartment.

CAUTION: A flock of crows is known as a MURDER.

So we have to wonder what they are really up to.

Still, here they come, bearing gifts.

She has been feeding them.

They respond by bringing her gifts.

There are times when the gift is not really for us.

But there are other times when animals really do mean to leave us a gift for some reason.

No matter what the reason it is a form of communication and the animal hopes for some kind of connection with us.

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