Imagine looking at what your front door camera is seeing and... OH WOW!


I bet that would make you look over your shoulder when you went outside the next day.

This was the scene at a house in Casper Wyoming.

This was recorded on the east side of Casper.

A big cat has been seen in the area before.

To our knowledge, this is the first time we've seen one on somebody's front porch.


In the video below you can hear the big cat making noises.

Most of the noises are in the last 1/3rd of the video.

attachment-Mountain Lion Casper Mountain 082323

That video was posted on Facebook's Casper Mountain Landowners Association page.

attachment-Mountain Lion Casper 2 082323

There were many more comments, but most of them were along the lines of "WOW!"

A lot of comments on the noises the cat was making.

After watching this video several times I began to speculate as to if these folks have pets. Is that what the big cat is smelling?

Though it's hard to account for the noises it's making.

Reports and videos of a mountain lion have surfaced in Casper for several years.

Including a video of a mother and cub walking through the winter snow and cold, looking for food late at night.

Photo Coukrtesy Cythia Leverch
Photo Coukrtesy Cythia Leverch

The photo above was taken on April 13, 2023, by Cynthia Leverich.

She said that she lives across from Manor Heights Elementary School.

She went outside to see if her vehicle was locked when she noticed a stray dog coming up the road on the 15th from Kingsbury, heading West.

Is that the same cat?

It might be.

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