Recently it was reported that Wyoming Repetitive Liz Cheney had raised over $1.5 million for her bid to reclaim her seat in the U.S. House. The first question people asked was, where is that money coming from?

Currently there are two candidates running against Liz Cheney, after she upset many of her constituents in the state by voting to impeach President Donald Trump. Now, the money is pouring in for them.

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According to WyoFile: 

Wyoming Rep. Chuck Gray (R-Casper) the third-best funded candidate in the race — reported just over $173,000 in donations this quarter. More than $133,000 of that came in the forms of loans from the candidate himself. Another $5,800 came from his father.

State Sen. Anthony Bouchard (R-Cheyenne) boasted one of the highest-earning debuts ever for challenger to an incumbent member of the Wyoming’s D.C. delegation, raising $334,370. Bouchard said in a press release the donations came from all 50 states. 

There is often outcry from those who do not want out of state money, people, and political action committees (PACS) involved in Wyoming politics. That sentiment is understandable. But if a candidate hopes to raise enough money in a state with such a small population, they will probably have to look for outside money.

Let's also keep in mind that while money certainly does help a candidate it is never a guarantee of a win. In Wyoming's last gubernatorial race 2 billionaires ran, and they both lost to a guy with a lot less money. When the Democrats were trying to pick a presidential nominee Michael Bloomberg made them all nervous when he stepped in with his billions. He was out of the race in two weeks.

Usually the deciding factor is name recognition

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