Some years ago Wyoming lawmakers began a carbon capture program in an effort to save the coal industry. Since the popular belief is that CO2 is causing a "climate emergency" then Wyoming will capture what comes out of it's stacks at power plants and sequestered it underground. The belief was that appeasing these climate activist would save our energy industry. 

I argued back then that this would not help save Wyoming's coal industry. Years later I have been proven right. Sometimes I hate it when I'm right.

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Those who mistakenly believe that CO2 is a pollutant and is the cause of a "climate emergency" are not interested in Wyoming's efforts to capture carbon. You can hear it in their own rhetoric as they cry "keep it in the ground." They have been calling for an end to the use of all "fossil fuels," as they call them. They are not going to stop until they achieve that goal.

Every time we concede to the faulty narrative that CO2 is bad for the planet we are taking a step back and giving up more ground in this battle. We can't appease these people. Their goal is to end these industries.

What we should have been doing all along is standing up and showing that, in fact, the science shows that the Earth needs more CO2, not less. Click on this link to see what I'm talking about. We should have never acted as if we were polluting the planet. We should be fighting back against junk science.

Look around Wyoming now and see where appeasing has gotten us. Coal mines are closing, as are power pants. Jobs are gone. Towns are suffering. Despite all of our expensive efforts to appease we still hear the cries to keep it all in the ground and shut down these industries.

Let's end this carbon capture nonsense in Wyoming and quit acting like we are doing something terrible.

The way to fight a lie is to tell the truth relentlessly. 

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