Recent articles pushing the "All Of The Above" approach to Wyoming energy sound good.

However, the most reliable and affordable approach is the one with near ZERO government meddling.

In other words: the free market approach works best.

Advocates for an "All Of The Above Approach" imagine the government choosing what they think is the proper balance of wind, solar, coal, gas, oil, and nuclear.

But the folks in government have no idea what that proper balance is.

The more they meddle in an industry they know nothing about, the less clean, reliable, and affordable our energy becomes.

Let's use the bread aisle of your local grocery store as an example.


Should we let the government decide what kind of bread you should have, and at what price you should buy it?

That's been tried. It's called communism and it left the bread isles in communist countries with less that was needed to feed the people, at outrageously high prices.

In a free market system, people pick what they want based on their own standards. What they like, what they think they need, and what they are willing to or can pay.

The grocery store owner watches these buying trends and works to provide and keep the store shelves full of what sells well.

What we end up with is a full bread aisle, with lots of variety at reasonable prices.

Electric Meter with clipping path
Melinda Fawver

The best approach to Wyoming energy, (electricity in this case), is to let producers and consumers choose what is most affordable and reliable.

If coal is king, so be it.

If natural gas begins to beat coal in price and abundance, then the market will shift.

The government's only job should be to ensure that energy companies are not ripping people off, and preventing pollution.

I mean real pollution, like spilling oil, things like that. CO2 is not a pollutant.

Creating the most reliable, clean, affordable energy will not be solved by people who don't know the industry and are pushing a political agenda.

Wyoming Needs To Take Politics Out Of Energy Production.

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