The Casper City Council wants to review the posted speed limits throughout the city, according to a news release.

“Setting speed limits is part of the City’s overall public safety plan and often involves speed studies, accident reviews, traffic standards, traffic flow, and more,” City Manager Carter Napier said.

The council is receiving comments on speed limits residents think are too high or too low at the city’s website at

Earlier this year, the council approved making a consistent speed limit of 20 mph on East Second Street between the Wyoming Medical Center and downtown because a portion of that street had been 30 mph. Some residents scoffed at the decision on social media sites.

At a Sept. 10 council work session, Mayor Charlie Powell said some residents have questioned the 30 mph speed limit on King Boulevard.

Some council members also want to do something to limit the high numbers of drivers who run yellow and red lights. Ken Bates said he's heard of accidents that happen when people do that, and Steve Cathey said he saw a school bus run a red light on Wyoming Boulevard.

Khrystyn Lutz said the council should consider setting the speed limit issue as the sole agenda item at a future work session.

In the news release, Napier said several streets in Casper, such as CY Avenue, East Yellowstone Highway, and Wyoming Boulevard are managed by Wyoming Department of Transportation.

“Unfortunately, we cannot adjust speed limits on these state highways,” he said.

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