Rocky Mountain Power in Wyoming has proposed to increase electricity rates by nearly 30%.

The outcry during public comment periods across Wyoming has been heard loud and clear.

The next public meeting will be held in Casper, this week, 10/12/23.

The hearing will be held at 5:30 p.m. at the Thyra Thomson State Office Building.

The Wyoming Public Service Commission, the agency that regulates utility companies, is holding that meeting.

"Now if we get this rate increase - close to 30%," said Schneider, "we're in a position, like I would imagine many nonprofits with facilities, of looking at making really hard decisions." Andrew Schneider is the operations director for the The Wyoming Arts Alliance. (PNS).

Couple having problem with bills and money.

Rocky Mountain Power's proposal would defer 100% of any fuel cost overruns on the public, and lock profits at above 10%.

Lawmakers and residents argue that higher rates are due to the Biden administration's push for wind and solar energy plus carbon capture technology.

Rocky Mountain Power claims that without wind resources rates would have increased an additional 60% in Wyoming.

Schneider explained that the company is not raising rates due to an overload of wind and solar, but because natural gas and coal prices are highly volatile.

"And the facts are that renewables on the grid save tens of millions of dollars for Rocky Mountain Power's ratepayers," said Schneider. "Putting renewables onto Rocky Mountain Power's grid is going to stabilize these prices, and bring the rates down."

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But that's only because wind and solar power are heavily subsidized by the Biden Administration. Without that money wind and solar operate at a financial loss.

Every state, like California and Texas as two examples, and every European nation that has made the push toward wind and solar has seen their utility rates skyrocket as their energy reliability has plunged.

The Public Service Commission is accepting written comments from ratepayers until October 25.

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