On Tuesday, the Casper city council voted unanimously to approve a liquor license for the Studio City Mesa Cinema for one of the locations they were applying for.

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Andy Houck, co-owner of movie palaces, spoke in front of the council about how the plan for serving alcohol at the theater would work.

Houck said that they plan on allowing a two-drink maximum for each customer, tracking it through someone's ID and that they would have "pre-packaged and single alcohol," while also requiring customers to purchase food in order to have the alcohol.

There would not be any mixed drinks or bartenders, with tips trained 18-year-olds or older serving.

Councilmember Steve Cathey asked about the cost of the beverages, which Houck responded to by saying that a 12 to 16-ounce beer, or six ounces of wine, would be around $8.

While Studio Cinemas was able to get a license for their location on Talon Avenue, their application also attempted to get one at East 2nd Street, but because of the municipal code, a business is only allowed one license at a time.

City manager Carter Napier said that they were only approved for the one license and that they could form a second business to operate the other location if they wanted to have another liquor license.

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