On Tuesday, the Casper City Council will discuss at their regular meeting whether or not to approve a liquor license application made by Studio City Mesa Cinemas.

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In a memo sent to the city manager's office, it states that Studio Cinemas is seeking a license for their business on Talon Avenue, and applying for a restaurant liquor license for their east side location on East 2nd Street, and because of how the municipal code is structured, Studio Cinemas would not be able to receive two licenses.

The only exception made is for malt beverage, catering permits, or in conjunction with a microbrewery license, none of which apply to Studio Cinemas.

If they wanted to get around it, they could create a new corporation, however according to the memo that is not something they plan on doing.

Instead the memo suggests that council could alter the municipal code to allow for Studio Cinemas for own two restaurant liquor licenses, though it is unclear how willing council is to adjusting the municipal code in order to accommodate for the theater.

Council voted on Nov. 16 to establish Dec. 7 as the date for a public hearing for the liquor license after Studio Cinemas submitted the application on Oct. 26.

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