Last night (Monday, January 13th, 2020), one of the Casper Police Department's finest shared a heartfelt story of some young folks paying it forward by purchasing his dinner.

The official Casper Police Department Facebook page shared a photo along with a message from Sgt. Baker which read:

“It was shortly before 8pm tonight, when my heart was set on grabbing a quick meal and heading home. Already having been several hours over shift, from a true ‘Monday.’ I made my order at the Arby’s on CY Ave while sitting in line behind a black Honda Ridgeline, riddled with NC and Mustang memorabilia. I patiently waited, and began to recount my day, when I observed a young male with two passengers laughing in the vehicle ahead.

Then, I started to realize there was some plan being worked out between that driver and the employees he spoke with. Surely enough, my time came and I pulled up to the window. Only to be handed my food with a refusal of payment. The young lady chuckled, and said, ‘They paid for your food, and said to tell you, thank you for your service.’

Struck with confirmation and humility, I thanked her, and rushed to catch the Honda as it was waiting to turn into CY. Only for the driver to beat me again and flee, bearing all the kindness for themselves.

This goes out to you, NC Mustang repping Honda Ridgeline - I see you, and you are one of the many reasons I wade through the struggles of this profession, day after day. Thank you for being someone who spreads kindness, in a world that all too often lacks it.”

Sincerely, SGT Mitch Baker

It's always awesome to hear about the kindness of our fellow Casperites, especially when it comes to looking out for our first responders, but it's even more special when it comes from our youth.

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