There is a rich history of Wyoming's Casper/Natrona County Airport.

A history that shaped the community, the state, our nation, and the world.

If you don't know much about it then you might enjoy a visit to a humble little museum at the airport.

The Wyoming Veterans’ Memorial Museum preserves the rich history of the Casper Army Air Base (CAAB) that used to operate right here on airport grounds.

You won't find it anywhere near the entrance to the passenger terminal. You'll have to use the industrial park entrance.

Set your GPS or the map app on your phone for  3740 Jourgensen Avenue Casper Wyoming.

The Veterans Museum is located in what was the airbase’s Enlistedmen’s Service Club building. What used to be a lounge for enlisted men fitted with couches, tables, and even a stage, is now a museum featuring collections and exhibits illustrating the experiences and stories of Wyoming’s veterans.

Inside you'll see a story that began in 1942 with the CAAB training facility for B-17 and B-24 combat crews during World War II.

The first crew began training on November 1st, 1942.

From that first day of training to the final day on September 1st, 1945, approximately 16,000 to 18,000 trainees passed through the CAAB as their final training grounds before deployment.

Some famous names like Chuck Yager trained there.

In 1949, the Base property was transferred to Natrona County and transformed into the Air National Guard training facility.

Trainees came from as far as Missouri for summer training before the Air National Guard closed the training site in 1960, consolidating in Cheyenne in 1968.

From there, Natrona County made this area the new home to the modern commercial airport which has evolved into what we know today.

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