Cowboy State Daily is reporting that: In a phone call with Wyoming reporters on Friday, Congresswoman Liz Cheney was clear that the discussion of the Constitution and the importance of adhering to it would be a central part of her upcoming 2022 re-election bid. 

Once Hageman and Cheney worked together. They have been supporters of each other's work and even friends.

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“She [Hageman] is now abandoning that principle, sacrificing her oath, abandoning her duty to the people of Wyoming — in order to pledge loyalty to Donald Trump,” Cheney said.

“She seems to be stepping into the shoes of people like Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, two attorneys who recently have been sanctioned by the courts for lying about the election.” 


Cheney called it “tragic to see that kind of opportunism” and went on to call it “inconsistent with Wyoming values.”

“I think that’s really dangerous, anti-conservative, and frankly, a move away from the Constitution,” Cheney said.

I covered the Hagman's announcement that she was running as it broke, and Trump's endorsement, which came an hour later, live on the air as the news broke. Reactions from listeners across the state were mixed. 

There were those who took Trump's endorsement seriously and said that it would influence how they voted. Yet some were disappointed in the former president's pick and said that they were still undecided as to who they were going to vote for. There was not a word from anyone who might still be supporting Liz Cheney.

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