At a legislative forum hosted by the Casper Area Chamber Of Commerce a woman from Wyoming Representative Harriet Hageman's office stood and read a letter from the congresswoman expressing concern over a new rule proposed by the Biden administration.

The proposed rule, from the Securities and Exchange Commission, would allow investors to buy and sell stocks for land conservation.

In the rule, oil was referred to as "unsustainable fuel."

Listen to a full explanation by Representative Hageman in the video below.

Harriet Hageman had just heard of the proposed rule and was rushing to extend the comment period to delay it, among other actions.

Wyoming Attorney General Bridget Hill and 24 other state attorneys general sent a letter Tuesday to the SEC outlining their opposition to the proposed rule, calling it illegal and an economic threat. (Cowboy State Daily).

The SEC proposal would let investors buy into stock market companies trading on the New York Stock Exchange for the purpose of protecting nature — including public lands — and making money.

Cora Leach via Unsplash
Cora Leach via Unsplash

With this rule, a new type of investment would be referred to as “natural asset companies,” or NACs.

This rule could put a quick stop to energy development in Wyoming.

According to the proposed rule, a natural asset Corporation (NAC) is,

a corporation whose primary purpose is to actively manage, maintain, restore (as applicable) and grow the value of natural assets and their production of ecosystem services.

Wyoming's Congresswoman Harriet Hageman argues that the NACs is a back door way for regulation of land and waters, which, so far, the EPA and other agencies have failed to take control of due to lawsuits.

In the video below you can hear Congresswoman Hageman's concerns.

“This is just one more step, this is one more effort in that regard for forced or engineered scarcity,” she said. “It is not natural. I can’t imagine any other country on the planet Earth that would do something this radical.” says Hageman.

If you're wondering why you haven't heard of this until now it's because the "rule" almost slipped through without anyone noticing.

Legislators and local government officials are trying to halt the new rule using whatever procedural moves they have at their disposal.

If all else fails there will be court challenges much like the ones that stopped the EPA's Water's Of America rules.

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