Having enough money to mount an effective political campaign is a must. Having the most money in a political race does not guarantee victory. In Wyoming's last gubernatorial election two billionaires ran, Foster Fries and Sam Galiotos, and they both lost.

Still, Wyoming's Rep. Liz Cheney just set a second straight quarterly fundraising record. That will probably make her opponents nervous.

According to Fox News, Liz Cheney's 2022 reelection campaign hauled in $1.88 million in the April-June second quarter of fundraising, an increase from the record-setting $1.5 million Cheney brought in during the first three months of the year. Cheney for Wyoming shared the fundraising figures first with Fox News on Tuesday morning.

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So she doesn't have to worry about money, at this point. The only question remaining is how much political capital did she spend in voting to impeach President Trump and continuing to speak out against him in the months following.

Most of her Wyoming political opponents in the next primary have not raised enough to mount an effective campaign. There are only a couple of candidates in the race who might be able to raise enough money to buy the needed advertising and spend the necessary money to travel the state and get their name out.

As with all political races, most of what people think is important to win isn't. - polls rarely are anywhere near a clue of what is going to happen on election day and money only plays a small role in the outcome. We have a long way to go. Nothing is settled yet.

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