It began with one county Republican Party passing a resolution, which they sent to Liz Cheney, telling her that she, unofficially, is no longer their representative. After the first county passed the resolution others followed.

3 counties have now passed the resolution with more considering it.

You can read the resolution that is making its way around the state and hear a GOP Country Chairman call me on my morning radio show to explain why they passed it, below.

“Liz will continue to fight for all the people of Wyoming. She knows that she and all elected officials are bound by their duty under the U.S. Constitution, not by blind loyalty to one man,” a spokesman for Liz Cheney told Cowboy State Daily on Tuesday.

But at this point what is being discussed is no longer just about her vote to impeach President Trump.  There is now a long list of grievances against Cheney.

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The fact that she has been the most conservative member of the house should not be in question. Just look at what she has fought for and her voting record. The issues, mentioned in these resolutions, go beyond that.

She has not responded to requests to meet with GOP members across the state. When she does visit Wyoming she only meets with a few loyal supporters behind closed doors.

In short, members of the Wyoming GOP do not feel as if she is listing to them. Her job, after all, is to represent the people.

The chairman of the Carbon County Republican Party called my morning show to explain.

Here is the resolution that has been passed, so far in 3 Wyoming counties. More are considering it at this time.


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