Both major political parties are at war from within over their soul.

The traditional Democrat party is battling with the "WOKE LEFT" to decide how far "left" they will go. How radical they want to be.

The Republican party is battling between Trump supporters and those who think Trump's personality is poison.

Liz Cheney leads the charge against what she sees as a bad direction for conservatives and the GOP. She is not alone. Some see this as the "establishment" against the outsiders.

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Getty Images

Did the Republican National Committee censure Liz Cheney out of revenge, or do they have a legitimate gripe?

The RNC Chairwoman was on Fox News to explain why they thought Cheney needed censure. You can watch the video below. 

Disagreement within the GOP is welcome, so they say. But it seems that one must toe the line or be ostracized.

Playing ball with the other party can be a death sentence to a party career, as Cheney is doing by participating in the January 6th committee with Democrats.

RNC National Spokesperson Paris Dennard was recently on my morning show here in Wyoming. He and some others in the party want the RNC to preemptively endorse Wyoming House candidate Harriet Hageman ahead of the primary, just to make sure Cheney does not win the Wyoming GOP nomination. 

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Going up against someone in the party who holds all the power can also be a political death sentence. 

Tea partier turned anti-Trumper Joe Walsh knows firsthand how little disagreement is tolerated in the Trump-era GOP. Walsh mounted a longshot presidential campaign against Trump two years ago only to find that he wouldn’t be given the courtesy of appearing on a ballot in some states. “When you cancel 22 primaries & caucuses to protect your leader, you make clear that ‘disagreement’ in the GOP is not welcome,” Walsh commented today in response to the clip above. (HOT AIR BLOG).

Calm discourse is GONE in both parties. Civil discourse is hard to find anywhere in the country right now.

Did Liz Cheney go too far by working closely with the democrats on the January 6th committee?  Let's hear what that RNC Chairwoman has to say.

There are those in the Republican Party that call hard core Trump supports THE CULT OF TRUMP. It is not just fellow Republicans that say that.

Below is Nancy Pelosi using those same words.

Yet Pelosi was part of The Cult Of Obama and The Cult Of Clinton.

Pelosi is also battling "THE SQUAD." The hard core radicalized political left that is dragging the Democrat party down a dangerous path.

What needs to happen, for the good of the country, will be hard to accomplish.

Both parties need to calm down, talk like adults, and actually focus on liberty and freedom over big government.

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