As soon as people had to start wearing face masks it was destined to be a fashion trend.

You can have a look here at what the new Crayola face masks look like, just in time for back to school (if there is a back to school). You can see multiple Crayola design for kids by clicking here. They are sure to come up with more.

So with the coronavirus pandemic, it seems that you will have to add something like this to your kids' back-to-school supplies. It will be the parents job to provide face masks for their kids, not the schools.

They new Crayola line is just now being produced and is available for pre-order. They hope to have enough masks ready for demand by all. But who knows how big that demand will be? There are so many variables, including how many schools will open across the nation.

To meet the assumed demand, Crayola has teamed up with SchoolMaskPack to produce five-day packs of washable cloth face masks. This means, at the end of the day, the masks should go in the laundry with the dirty clothing.

Crayola is not the only company to come up with this idea. Have a look at the Old Navy Kids’ five-pack.

Asking price will be $12.50 while the Crayola face masks if pre-ordered. $29.99 for kids, $39.99 for adults is the planned price when they hit the stores.

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