Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr says it's going to take more money to fix the city's pothole problem.

"We put about $4 million a year into road maintenance and that's not nearly enough," Orr said Tuesday during her annual State of the City address.

"We're going to have to have some really good conversations with council, take a look at the budget, perhaps even discussions with the taxpayers as far as do we put more tax money into roads," she added.

Orr says the city has been looking at new technologies and mixtures, and has actually had "really good results" using Perma-Patch to repair larger potholes, but the freeze-thaw cycle has been "really rough" on the roads.

"It's going to take better weather (for residents to see improvement in the pothole situation) because we really can't go in and do much when we have wet roads and the ice," said Orr.

"So I don't think our residents, unfortunately, are going to see a really big change until probably when things really thaw out in spring."


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