Welcome to POTHOLE SEASON in Wyoming.

Also, hug your chiropractor month.

Yeah, that's an official season on the Wyoming calendar.

Summer, Fall, Winter, Pothole Season - and Spring.

Then again, what about MUD MONTH?

You might think it would cause people to drive slower and more cautiously.


They just weave around more to avoid the holes in the streets.

Potholes can't be filled when the weather is too cold. It's a useless endeavor.

A couple of years ago the mayor of Cheyenne declared a "POTHOLE EMERGENCY!"

So don't worry. Workmen will get around to filling those suckers, eventually.

In the meantime, in Casper Wyoming, a pizza delivery driver drove head-on and ended up nose-first in 2 to 3 feet of water in a massive pothole.

The driver is okay. Pizza is safe.

This one was a record breaker at about 3–4 feet deep and 50 feet by 50 feet.

Because of recent snow melts the hole was filled with water and mud.

As long as you're driving down the road bouncing your head against the ceiling you might as well do something to make the ride more enjoyable.


The Recipe For Creating Wyoming Potholes

Begin with a subzero Wyoming Winter.

Add snow and ice.

Warm it up, cool it down, then add more snow and ice, and warm it and cool it again.

Repeat for 4 months.

Beat with heavy tires day and night until holes appear.

It's typical to look at a baby pothole and wonder how big it's going to get before workers fill it in.

If you've ever wondered why your local government doesn't fill these things in the winter and why they just those holes get worse, the answer is, they can't fix them until spring.

Red Green shows us how to pothole-proof your car.

Potholes are not just a problem in Wyoming.

Anyplace that has winter has them worse than places that don't.

Every city out there can't seem to get elected officials on the ball to fix them.

Winter tires and good shocks are required.

Rita Brent had the song that bit best.

But there were several runners-up to choose from...

The Pothole Song, by Richie Kavanagh, is fun to watch but the song is about potholes in Ireland.

Across America, a couple of local DJs came up with their own local pothole song - but their song did not fit Cheyenne's situation as well as Rita's.

Honesty, we need more pothole songs and jokes.

Hit a pothole and blew out a tire today

What do you call a street full of potholes and ice cream?
Rocky Road

Inside Wyoming Missile Silo For Sale

There are decommissioned missile silos for sale in Wyoming.

Thermal nuclear device not included.

Now why would anyone want to own one of those?

Lets start by looking to the outside, then go in.

Well, because owning one is just such a cool idea.

So lets have a look at what the realtor is offering.

Cheyenne Radio Studios Get Makeover

There are 5 radios stations located in downtown Cheyenne Wyoming. All are owned by Townsquare Meadia.

Technology has changed, and the offices needed a facelift, too.

Lets take a look as the old studios and offices are gutted and the new is built.

My name is Glenn Woods.

News Talk KGAB AM650 is one of the stations in Wyoming that carries my show, Wake Up Wyoming.

I was in town for an event and had to broadcast from the KGAB studios one Friday morning.

Here is what it looked like.


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