Cowgirls love to kiss horses.

Horses love to kiss back.

Horses will kiss cowboys too.

But they don't seem to like it as much.

At least that's what they say out loud.

I went looking for a picture of two cowgirls kissing horses.

What I found was a long list of videos to boot.

Cowgirls love to kiss horses.

Horses love it too.

But isn't that kinda gross?

Better than a kiss from a dog.

You've seen what dogs eat and where that tongue goes when it cleans itself.

I know horses don't use mouthwash or brush their teeth.

But who can resist a SMOOCH from those big lips?

They are just trying to show us they like us and like what we are doing.

Here is a cowboy who is not sure about the kiss that he's about to get.

But, then again, he's not going to turn it down.

His horse loves him and he loves his horse.

Then, they make out. It's kinda disturbing to watch.

Watch out for those sloppy wet kisses.

Horses love to slobber it on.

We humans do that too but we don't have mouths and tongues as big as theirs.

That's what this next young lady found out when she was kissed by her horse.

Y U C K!

But - awww - at the same time.

You'll need a towel after some horse kisses.

Horses kiss each other you know.

Did they learn that from us or did they always know?

Sometimes even horses want to show affection.

Sometimes a friend just needs a smooch.

Whatever the case, horses know how to kiss and do it to each other.

Ever seen horses out in a field making out?

Well, here you go.

But now and then they are not so much kissing as they are LICKING YOUR FACE!

It still means something special.

At least it does to the horse.

As much as the person in this next video appreciates the show of affection, she's going to have to wash her face after this.

EW, gooey, slimy, sloppy kisses.

But what are you going to do?

Say no and hurt the horse's feelings?

I bet you won't.

Ah, for the love of horses.

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