In the animal kingdom, some unusual friendships can be formed.

Take this Wyoming cat and this horse for example.

The video below has been seen all over the internet.

The cat is up on a post, for no reason other than that is what cats do, when his buddy the horse comes over to say hello.

They greet.

Then the horse turns, giving the cat a chance to, mount up for a ride.

Makes a person wonder how long this has been going on before somebody noticed it.

The next question might be, now what?

Where are they going? That's a good question.

If you think that's interesting, check out the next video, below.

We all need friends.

For some reason, cats and horses get along just fine.

It turns out there are plenty of videos of the relationship between this big beast and the little feline.

We can't say that they speak a common language. Horses don't say much.

But there is something unspoken between these two species that makes them connect.

Here is a video that shows horses and cats across the county and the friendships they have developed.

The website Petful writes about this bond that nobody can seem to explain.

Yes, cats and horses can be friends — and both animals share a close connection. Cats and horses are a lot more alike than you might think, actually.

We now realize that although cats certainly don’t have a herd mentality, they are much more social than they’ve been credit for.

Indeed, cats living together — whether it’s in a barn, a feral cat colony or simply a multi-cat household — have their own hierarchy, usually matriarchal.

“Domestic cats today seem more pride-oriented than the aloof cats I grew up with,” says Anne Beggs. She and her husband, Russell, run a boarding facility at their Equisance Ranch in Watsonville, California.

So they like to hang out and, in their own way, they talk to each other.

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