The Pacific Northwest Drill Team Association is an inspiring sight to behold. In the video below you can watch what their drills look like from above after the routine was shot with a drone.

Drilling man and beast to ride around and perfect harmony is an amazing thing to watch. That is why we love marching bands and processions of horses and riders.

But we always see it from the ground. Sometimes a different perspective gives up a renewed sense of amazement.

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Drill teams like this exist all over Canada, the United States, South America, and European countries. They enter competitions in much the same way marching bands and cheerleading squads do. Taking care of the animals as well as working out a routine and drilling takes a lot of dedication and hard work. That learning experience goes a long way toward teaching hard work and responsibility that is needed to lead a successful life.

What you will see below is the teaming winning first place in a competition. But you will see it from above. The patterns look entirely different from up above. This gives those watching an idea of exactly how complex these ridding patterns are.

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