On the corner of a back highway hear Kemmerer a makeshift monument made of stuffed animals has been growing for around 70 years. No one knows who or whom is constructing it or why.

Have a look at the ever-growing pile by the side of the road at this link and you tell me if you think it is mysterious, creepy, or sweet. Maybe all at the same time. Here is a closer look.

The Casper Star Tribune has written several articles on this stuffed animal monument:

A man named Matt McCloud remembers visiting once a year as a kid. His dad, now in his 70s, went when he was small, too.

“All I know is dad said, ‘Get your old stuffed animals, we’re headed up the creek.’”

McCloud brings his daughters there today. He said hunters sometimes meet there for a beer at the end of the day, the corner the only landmark for miles.

“It’s been there since Moby Dick was a minnow,” he said. (CST).

Here is a closeup from the Casper Start Tribune of some of the bears on the post in the middle of the pile.

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We can speculate and guess that perhaps it started as a monument to a lost loved one and grew from there. All we know is that, slowly, it keeps getting bigger.

Right now there are about 100 teddy bears. They are located about 25 miles north of Kemmerer. Drive Highway 233 about 5 more miles after the road turns to dirt. Follow the map at this link to get there.

The stuffed animals are not laying on the dirt. They sit atop a 4-by-4-foot concrete slab. There is a wood fence post in the middle and they are tied down with metal straps against Wyoming's fierce winds. If they had not been they would have been blown far away a long time ago.

Stuff animals in the pile include bears, puppies, monkeys, tigers, an orca whale and a yellow minion from the 2010 animated movie "Despicable Me," according to the article in the Star Tribune.

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