Just last weekend I was driving through Torrington, Wyoming and noticed a cool, older movie theater called the Wyoming Theater. As I was driving by, I stopped and checked out the front of the building, I took a picture and moved along.

When I got home and was admiring the picture I took and how cool this building was, I saw the For Sale sign in the window and wondered what the story was. It seems The Wyoming Theater in Torrington is looking for a new owner for Goshen County's only movie theater.

When I was a teen I watched the Arnold Schwarzenegger move 'Last Action Hero' and always thought owning a movie theater would be cool. Being a history nut, I'm sure if those wall could talk (not saying they can't, but not saying they can) I'm sure the years and years of story's would be incredible.

I went down an internet rabbit hole searching for more information about the theater and found the building was built in 1924 and over the years upgrades and renovations have been made. The original theater was split in half to offer two movies in separate theaters, there has been projector upgrades, wiring, new popcorn machine and painted inside. If you buy this theater, you're getting everything inside and the current owners will even help you hit the ground running.

I'm assuming 2020 didn't help the current owners out at all and it was tough to run a theater and keep it going when they wouldn't allow patrons go to movies. 2022 is creeping up and if you're looking for a new adventure the Torrington Theater is available for only $240,000. Contact Irene Reese of 307 Realty Professionals to find out more.

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