What do you look for in a home? I mean what's your priority feature? If movie watching is high on the list, check out this Casper estate that includes its own built-in movie theater.

I found this browsing recent Casper listings on Realtor. It's 4511 E 21st Street in Casper and it's truly a movie lover's dream place.

Casper Home with its own Movie Theater

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It's obvious this home has a lot more going for it than just a movie theater, but wow. That would be a sweet place to watch flicks.

The Realtor listing has more of the meaningful non-movie facts like the fact that it's a 4-bedroom, 4 1/2 bath place. They also include the dollars you would need to have handy to land this place. Current asking price as of this writing is $875,000. I'm no real estate expert, but when I was looking at pics, I was gonna guess it would be north of a million. Back to that fact of me not being a real estate expert.

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