We all know it's an Election year and there are plenty of people wanting to talk and/or argue politics with November 3rd approaching next week. Luckily, Wyoming isn't a state where you'll have to hear too much about it from your co-workers.

We get it. Sometimes it's impossible to avoid. Especially at an unprecedented time of not only an ongoing pandemic, but also an extremely polarizing spectrum of political sides in the upcoming election, talking politics at work is likely to come up at some point during the workday. So how much does it come up among your workplace in Wyoming? According to recent survey from our friends at Zippia, not all that much. Wyoming tied for 36th on the list of states where politics are talked about the most at work.

In fact, the three states that finished at the bottom of the list when it comes to talking politics at work all border us: South Dakota, Montana, and Nebraska. Idaho finished just ahead of them as another bordering state that doesn't talk much about politics at work. However, in our other bordering states immediately to our south and southwest with Colorado and Utah, those states finished 6th and 11th overall, respectively. So basically the water cooler talk might be about the tax rate there than it will be about that beat down the Broncos took from the Chiefs this past weekend.

Some other interesting results from the survey included the concept that 79 percent of workers across the country have been distracted at work by the upcoming election, 56 percent of employees attempt to keep their political party affiliations from being known by their employer, and the state that talks the most politics at work is the smallest in Rhode Island as 71 percent of their employees talk politics at work.

But don't worry, the election will be here soon and then we can all be done with the political talk, right? No? Probably not. But hey, at least we're not having to endure too much of it in Wyoming. Try to take some solace in that.

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