In case you aren't aware, when you're in Yellowstone, it belongs to the wildlife and you're just a guest. One driver through the park apparently forgot this reality as new video shows their car not yielding to bison crossing the road and spooking a calf.

According to the video description, this happened just a few days ago in Yellowstone National Park. Here's how the person who captured the video described what they saw:

Impatient tourists speeding through Yellowstone not yielding to bison on the roads causing the bison stress, spoking them as you see by their reaction.

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They're not kidding either. Watch this for yourself and see if you believe this driver was being respectful of wildlife. I vote no.

If you check out the official National Park Service guidelines on safety, you'll notice this note on driving:

Traffic-related accidents are the most common cause of injury and death in the park. Don’t let the scenery distract you: drive cautiously and watch for animals.

I believe common sense yielding would be included in that directive. Did this driver do that in your opinion? Will be interesting in the NPS locates this driver to get more information.

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