When you visit national parks in Wyoming, you never know what might cross the road in front of you. For one driver today, that was a wolf pack that was crossing the road in Grand Teton National Park as their video share shows.

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My understanding based on the video description is this just happened in the Tetons. I've seen quite a few wolf videos from Yellowstone, but this is the first one in awhile from Grand Teton National Park. Here's the brief backstory from the person who shared the video:

This great experience happened so quickly as the wolf pack crossed our vehicle. The last two wolves crossing were captured on video while the rest of the pack can be seen running into the forest.

If you see 2 wolves, you know the rest of the pack is likely nearby which the driver says was the case here.

The National Park Service says these wolves are the byproduct of the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone National Park back in 1995. The population just naturally migrated over to the Grand Teton area also. They added "a minimum of 43 wolves in 6 packs resided in the Jackson Hole area with home ranges in Grand Teton National Park. Jedediah (2 wolves), Horsetail Creek (10), Long Hollow (2), Lower Gros Ventre (13), Pacific Creek (12), and Wildcat Ridge (4) packs all had home ranges that included the park."

It's not common to see wolves crossing the road during the daytime as they tend to thrive where people are not. However, this part of Wyoming remains wild and free as it should be so you never know what might cross the road where you are.

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