Yellowstone National Park was celebrating its 150th anniversary. That's when it is closed down by the worse flood that land has seen in modern times.

Flood like that has happened in the past. They are rare, but not at all unprecedented.

That last time a flood like this hit Yellowstone there were maybe a few tribes living in the area. No roads or homes along the river.

The damage is extensive. The first question most people had, after we were relieved to hear that nobody was hurt, was: when will the park be able to reopen?

How long will it take to rebuild?

@NBC Montana via Twitter
@NBC Montana via Twitter

Let's keep in mind that, due to Yellowstone's northerly location and high-altitude road, work can only happen for a few short months out of the year.

Then we have to think of the insanely and stupidly long bureaucratic process. When dealing with the Federal government things that should take a month or less to process can take a year. Maybe even a decade.

For example, if oil is discovered under some land in Wyoming the process of setting up a drilling rig and then a pump to suck the oil out of the ground should only take a few weeks. But when the federal government gets involved it ends up taking 10 years or more.

Let's hope they fast-track this.

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As for the rebuilding cost, one estimate puts the work at around $1 billion.

Keep in mind that due to irresponsible federal spending our nation is already $30 Trillion in debt.

Also, when dealing with the federal government, how often does anything come in on or under budget? So let's expect a lot more than $1 billion.

Yellowstone was already due for funding from the Great American Outdoors Act of 2020. $3 billion for maintenance is to be spread and handed out to parks across America. Of the share of that money that was meant for Yellowstone, the park will now ask for $1 billion or more on top of it.

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