Wyoming offers most of the more popular eating wild game animals in the United States. Thousands of Wyomingites plan for months to go out hunting trip and harvest the meat their family will survive on for the year. The grocery store is only a place to go when they need things like ice cream or the essential items that can't be obtained off the land.

I grew up in the Midwest and the most popular wild game to eat was Deer, Squirrel, Turkey and Waterfowl (duck & goose). I have family members that swear that raccoon and Opossum are good eatin', I'm just going to take their word for it.

If you've never lived outside of the Cowboy State, it may shock ya that eating Elk, Moose, Mule Deer, Antelope, Bear or Bison isn't a common thing. Fortunate for me, I've had the chance to enjoy some of those Wyoming meat treasures and was wondering which wild game meats I needed to add to my list of 'meats to eat.'

I turned to OutdoorHub.com to see which wild game meats to try everyone should try. It wasn't really a shock to me, but Wyoming is home to 8 of the top 10 meats to try before you die. It's kind of funny that the #1 meat on their list is one that I've heard more people say they weren't a big fan of.

Here's the list of meats to try before you die:

10. Mountain Lion - You've heard people say "it tastes like chicken"...according to some, it's a cross between bear and pork loin.

9. Black Bear - I've talked to some that aren't a fan AT ALL and others say that if you prepare it right, it's really good. The meat is tough so using it in burger form may be your best bet.

8. Caribou - One of the meats that you're not going to find roaming the land in Wyoming, but the meat flavor is compared to moose.

7. Deer - This meat is one of the most popular wild game in the country, because you can find some type of deer in most of the 50 states.

6. Elk - One of the most popular meats on the list and one of the best tasting. Some hunters say they could eat elk at almost every meal.

5. Wild Hog - The other wild game meat you won't find much of to harvest in Wyoming. In many states these hogs are such a nuisance that you're allowed to shoot many to help manage the destructive sine.

4. Moose - I haven't had the chance to have moose yet, but the plans are in the works. Many hunters compare moose meat to beef especially if it was harvested at the right time.

3. Mountain Sheep - This wild game meat may be the toughest on the list to get, but many say it may be the best eating. If you get the chance to have it, make sure you find the right way to cook it so you don't mess up your opportunity.

2. Bison - May be the healthiest meat on the list to consume. Obviously the bison population was once sketchy, but has made a big comeback. I once had a bison and elk burger and it sits toward the top of the best burgers I've ever eaten list.

1. Antelope - I know...when you read that, you about fell out of your chair. I've never had antelope (yet) but one of the first things I heard about them when I moved here was "those things are BAD to eat". I assume as with everything, if you can figure out the best way to prepare it you'll be fine.

Of the meats on this list I've tried, Elk has been my favorite followed by bison, whitetail deer and wild turkey and can't wait to get a chance at some of the others.

If you've always tried to stay away from wild game, it may be because of the gamey taste it may have. If that's the case, I found a video that shows how you can eliminate most of that gamey taste.

Wyoming Game & Fish have ideas of how to cook some of these meats too.

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