Yet another oil and gas project in Wyoming is facing legal challenges.

Conservationists filed suit in an attempt to stop the Converse County Oil and Gas Project from continuing.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) approved the project almost two years ago, allowing for 5,000 new oil and gas wells to be drilled between Douglas and Glenrock over the course of 10 years. The project was initially proposed in 2014. Some drilling has already started. (Wyoming Public Media).

There is a long and never-ending list of eco-group lawsuits against coal, natural gasses, and oil exploration in Wyoming and across the nation.

But where are their lawsuits against the rest of the energy industry for the damage they do to the environment?

The damaging wind and solar projects do to the land is a much larger footprint than coal, gases, or oil.

Little is said by eco groups about the birds and bats killed every year by wind turbines.

Not one lawsuit has been against the wind or solar projects that are disrupting bird and land animal migration corridors.

Nothing is said about the toxic nature of wind and solar farms. Toxic to create and toxic to dispose of.

Mining companies in Wyoming are looking at deposits of "rare Earth minerals." Extracting these minerals will take the same mining techniques as digging for coal. Pulling those minerals from the extracted materials is a toxic process.

Where are the lawsuits by so-called eco groups to stop these projects?

If these groups were honestly concerned with the environment, and I don't believe that they are, they would advocate for the cleanest form of energy with the lowest footprint on both the land and the ecology.

But instead, they are advocating for forms of energy production that are doing more harm than good.

I'm not sure if there is a lack of common sense at work or some other agenda. I tend to think, perhaps, a little bit of both.

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