A quick thinking dog owner in Estes Park saved his dog's life after it was attacked by a mountain lion in the early morning hours.

According to 9NEWS, Gene Whannel let his dog out around 6 a.m. to do its business, after shining his flashlight around the hillside area by his house to make sure there wasn't anything out there. After letting his dog out and not seeing anything...much to his surprise...there was.

Within seconds, he heard the mountain lion followed by his dog's yelping and that's when Whannel sprung into action. He immediately saw the lion and his dog wrestling around all over the yard when he made a beeline towards them to try to scare off the mountain lion.

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He grabbed a stake and smacked the mountain lion, who by now, had his dog Sadie in its clenches...on the dog's head. Whannel then gave one more big smack to the mountain lion in the face with the stake before it finally released his dog and ran back into the woods.

The man was uninjured but his dog was banged up pretty good with chew marks from the mountain lion but all turned out well...Sadie made it the vet, where she was worked on, bandaged up and is expected to make a full recovery.

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