It's would've been hard to miss.

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This morning, The Evansville Police Department reported that a truck was stolen from an Evansville resident around 8:30 a.m.

"They started the truck and [were] letting it warm up as it's a blistery wintery day," the EPD wrote. "After about ten minutes they went to leave and found the truck had been stolen."

Unfortunately, the thieves opted to leave the Elk carcass, which was probably the right choice, as it would've made the truck even more identifiable.

The victim of the theft, a woman named Ginny Bridge, stated that the truck was stolen between 8:30 a.m. and 8:40 a.m. She said that there is a "pink angel wing sticker on the right rear window and a red 'ain't skeered' sticker on the left rear window. Additionally, she said, there is a skull sticker on the gas cap.

"Do not approach the vehicle or occupants for your own safety," the EPD wrote. "One of our citizens has been victimized please share this post so we can locate their vehicle and bring the person responsible to justice."
The Evansville Police Department stated that if citizens see this truck, they should contact the Natrona County Dispatch Center at 307-235-8278.
The license plate number is 1-48500. Again, the elk is not in the back of the truck.

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